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5 Tips to enjoy the summer season in Rio de Janeiro.

December 21 marks the official start of summer, but in Rio de Janeiro the most anticipated season of the year begins to be celebrated as early as mid-November. The expression Rio 40°C is not an exaggeration and the heat comes in addition to the extra hours of sunshine to enjoy. Cariocas and tourists enjoy the climate to be at the beaches, parks, waterfalls and attractions that only Rio offers. For you not to waste time, we list 5 tips for you to live the best summer as a good carioca:



From Leme to Pontal, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro are a special attraction from Rio's favorite program. Choose one of the Windsor Hotels in Rio de Janeiro and stay close to the most popular beaches like Copacabana, Barra da Tijuca, Leme and Flamengo. From Monday to Friday, set aside late afternoon to see the sunset and participate in the tradition of night diving. At weekends, the borders are crowded with locals and tourists who come to enjoy the sun.


To enjoy the beach, besides the beautiful landscapes, the carioca does not give up a fresh glass of tea-mate and the traditional biscuit of sprinkles, sweet or salty it is one of the passions of the city. It also has codfish, grilled cheese, coconut water and all the delicacies that the beach kiosks prepare specially for you. To burn calories and feel like a real native, you need to take the risk in football, coolball or surfing.


Carioca is proud to have the largest urban forest in the world: the Tijuca Forest. In addition to the lush nature of this Atlantic forest reserve, you can enjoy several waterfalls. But make no mistake, they are as crowded as the beaches. The most accessible are the waterfalls of the Chuveiro, the Quebra and the Gruta, located in Horto, in the Botanical Garden. Follow the Dona Castorina Road trail and arrive early to enjoy.


The Rio has more than 450 kilometers of tracks for cyclists, it is the third city with the highest cycle network in Brazil. Pedaling is the face of Rio and you can rent a bicycle in one of the stations of the municipal system or private services. Have you ever imagined pedaling the beautiful views of Aterro do Flamengo and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas?


You may not even have samba in your foot like all of people in Rio, but you will be infected by this animation. Beginning in November, the samba school blocks begin to promote weekly rehearsals and the most famous ones gather up to 5 thousand people per night. If your beach is the carnival bloquinhos, enjoy the street rehearsals that happen in the late afternoon and are free. Carnival is in Rio's blood and is the most important party of the year. You can be sure that after enjoying Carnival in Rio your heart will continue forever in the rhythm of the drums.

Enjoy the summer is so Rio. And enjoying the Windsor Hotels is unforgettable!